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The burgers are a product of popular products as consumed by adults and children alike. We produce different kinds of weights to suit all ages where we have the size of the fiftieth and sixty grams grams also can produce other weights as desired by the consumer it is also possible to change the form template on demand.
Product consists Burger AFPC of beef and veal with plant proteins to facilitate formation and increased amounts of protein, taking into account the price competition in the market. Add the spice-flavored also accepted and moderate for all ages with moderate salt also, as well as other additives to maintain adequate moisture in the knowledge that all the additives in plant sources, and accepted according to the specifications and add the bread flour is also ready and imported specifically for this purpose. Take into account the proportion of fat within acceptable limits and global sources of meat calves and sheep in order to impart a distinct flavor of the product and acceptable to the consumer. The size and shape of Alhamburkr of specifications that will attract the consumer has therefore been designed so that the shape Vezaoya remain in a circular motion after the barbecue, while maintaining the loss is acceptable because of the barbecue.
Burger is a product company Euphrates with a high value proteins needed by the human body daily with the availability of energy with a good many important minerals.
Product is characterized by Burger Company Euphrates from the other in the direct supervision by specialized cadres on the product and to withdraw samples periodically for inspection and subject to examination in laboratories to determine the validity of the production process Hfada consumer health, as well as monitor the markets in the discharge of the product.